New Book Release

Here is the third book in the ‘Witch’ series…Tartan Witch and the Highland Escapade. This story is also told in Scots and English. The witches travel to Tartan Witch’s croft in the Scottish Highlands for a holiday they’ll not forget.
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I hope, in these strange Coronavirus times, that I shall soon be able to read my stories to little audiences!

Tartan Witch and the Highland Escapade

Well, here we are into July with three and a half months of isolation behind us, or me anyway. At the beginning of the lockdown, in March, things were going well with my latest book, Tartan Witch and the Highland Escapade. All the illustrations were complete or so I thought but after a wee tweak or two all I was waiting on was an endorsement from the Scottish Language Centre. Once that was received the book was ready to go to print and that has happened. I can’t believe the number of wee corrections that were edited. You can read the same thing over and over again and still not see mistakes.
Now I am sitting waiting for the books to arrive, exciting times!
I’m not sure how I’ll go about publicising this time as I’ll be a little restricted.
I have discovered how good it is to develop characters from book to book and although I didn’t intend to write a series, that has happened.
The witches were such good characters initially and children identified with different ones. I had unwittingly created these different characters and they are all different. Then along came Tartan Witch and she was so popular there just had to be another book.
Tartan Witch invites the witches to visit her at her Highland croft. What could possibly go wrong?


I have neglected this site for too long but seriously, life just got in the way and it’s been really busy. This is no excuse I know and I’m keeping this short and sweet…just enough to capture your interest. This is the working front cover of the next Tartan Witch story. This is what’s been keeping me busy! Watch this space!