Well! What did I know? My usual writing genres are Children’s Picture books and Poetry. I hate to admit it but it was probably down to lockdown that my first children’s novel was completed. I persevered and eventually in October last year the novel was ready. The working title was In The Dark but I wasn’t convinced that this would be an eye-catcher for my target audience, 8-12year olds. In my wisdom I thought that ‘Halloween’ in the title would attract this age group. The story is not about Halloween per se, it merely happens on Halloween night.

The book was published as ‘Halloween Quest’ but what I have only now accepted is the fact that having Halloween in the title is restrictive. Some of my potential customers commented that they would stock the book only near Halloween time.

So, I have decided to re-brand the book as guess what? In The Dark! I needed to edit the original text, have the cover re-designed and supply a new ISBN. It’s all in the printer’s hands now, another lesson learned.

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