Autumnal Break


Well, Tartan Witch and I have returned from our wonderful holiday in Windermere. The scenery was breathtaking with bright sunshine illuminating the richness of Autumn. We visited the lovely wee school in Hawkshead where William Wordsworth attended. She just couldn’t resist posing there!

Having come to terms with forgetting to take my laptop charger with me and no hope of acquiring one I surprised myself by re-engaging with pen and paper. I started working on submissions for the Scottish Association of Writers’ competitions and, since returning home, I have a few ready to go!

Meanwhile Captain Black, he of the Pirates story, is off to sail the Carribean. No doubt he’ll have many tales to tell when he returns!

I am now preparing for school visits and book fairs, all very exciting.

I am delighted to report that my books are selling steadily at home and abroad. It’s thrilling to see where they journey. I shall treat you reader to some holiday snaps.

And so I begin

imageHaving had a frustrating summer…car problems in France then Mum’s illness and ultimate passing I’ve done little in the way of writing. I did write a ghost story whilst in France(photo) and re-jigged a couple of poems but feelings of guilt are surfacing and I have to address this. Having written this post I feel I will focus on writing and I’ve recently had really positive feedback from readers of Tartan Witch and The Pirates so….

Spreading the word

imageMy latest book, How the Pirates Turned the Tide, has many positive messages within the fun story. The pirates learn life skills which will benefit them and the planet. Last month the book was launched at the Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine when a ‘Pirate Takeover’ weekend took place. I do hope that children will take on board(I like that!) the important messages and spread the word.

Pirates have their day.

imageWell the weekend of 19th/20th May saw How the Pirates Turned the Tide introduced to those adventurous pirates who visited the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine. Pirates of all sizes proved to make good audiences and we had great fun. After the readings there were lots of ‘piratey’ activities for all. The book has taken off well selling locally, online and in England. I do hope the messages it gives prove effective in their little readers. Plastic pollution is such a modern scourge we need to get this important information to youngsters who in turn might educate their elders.

I look forward to feedback and hopefully I’ll be reading the story to many new audiences after the summer holidays. I’ll be off to my French hideaway soon and I hope to get lots of writing done. Please look out for updates as my aim is to be more diligent in my blogging.



How the Pirates Turned the Tide


Well… it is at last! This story involves a child, a feisty Gran and some hapless pirates. ┬áIt includes healthy lifestyles, recycling, self-sufficiency, sustainability and plastic pollution…how current is that! The beautiful illustrations prompt much interaction.

It’ll be available on Amazon uk soon..just going to add it to my list. This is a valuable teaching resource with opportunities for lots of discussion.

I hope it will be enjoyed by many children!