Witches and Woo go international!

Yesterday I had the privilege of reading Witch Hitch and The Woo in the Wild Woods to children in Nursery, Reception and Year1 at Runnymede College, Madrid via Zoom!
I wondered how this would pan out but all went well. The children listened well and asked questions. It was so good to be reading and have interaction with children after the horrible year we’re having.
Thankfully the children liked the stories and it was lovely to meet new audiences.

Later this month I shall be reading How the Pirates Turned the Tide to Year 2 at the school.

Anyone who knows me knows what a technophobe I am so it’s amazing how I manage to use Zoom to interact with audiences at this Covid-dominated time.

What a year, the bad and the good!

Here we are nearing the end of what has been a most trying year for everyone. Little did I think How difficult it would be to publish a new book in the current circumstances. My virtual launch was an enjoyable learning experience for me but proved quite ineffective in book sales. Most of the outlets that usually sell my books were closed due to Covid and to date are still not selling books. With Christmas fast approaching I am hoping that discerning adults will give books this year and I hope to sell some.
My shelves are heaving with boxes of books but I am keeping positive and hope things change soon.

That’s the ‘bad’. The ‘good’ is that as I was quarantined in March, April, May and June I finally finished the children’s novel that I started about 5 years ago and then neglected. On lovely sunny days I sat in the garden and was inspired to complete the book. Somehow the story just seemed to tell itself to me and took me on a journey where, although I knew the main elements to be included, I was taken on a surprising and satisfying route. Now it’s the almost impossible challenge of finding a publisher willing to take this story which is informative and carries a most important message.

It’s Hallowe’en in two day’s time and I was delighted to see that a local school chose Witch Hitch as the preferred read. Pictures of the children engaged in listening and drawing make this whole writing business so rewarding.

Tartan Witch has started her travels throughout Scotland

She’s off. Since her publication at the start of September Tartan Witch has started her travels around Scotland. The Clyde coast has been the preferred point of commencement. So far she’s been to Dunoon and Rothesay. As a book launch was impossible due to Coronavirus, Tartan Witch and the Highland Escapade had a virtual launch last Sunday. That was a whole new experience for me but the event was ally presented by Lynsey Adams. With many of her usual outlets remaining closed due to the virus Tartan Witch hopes she’ll be searched for ‘online’ and , in this way, she’ll reach further afield. It has to be said she’s already reached NYC and Dorset but there’s a whole lot of Scotland to be covered!