The Perfect Pirates


Well, at last I can show the front cover of my latest book, How the Pirates Turned the Tide. This is a fun tale with amusing illustrations. The hapless pirates learn many lessons and become environmental saviours of the oceans.

Although this is a fun story it carries many important messages identifying issues of the day. I hope it will be read by many children who will learn about pollution and self sufficiency.

The book is currently at the printer’s so…….watch this space!


Woo hoo

I was busy today working with the Outdoor Education department at St Joseph’s, Kilmarnock. We brainstormed and came up with really interesting activities in all curricular areas using The Woo in the Wild as stimulus.

While the team set about lesson planning I had the difficult job of ‘shopping’ for relevant items to go in the resource  boxes. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! Anyone who knows me will know how arduous this was for me!😂😂😂

It was a great beginning to what I’m sure will be a most worthwhile venture.

Just Write

imageThis mug, received from my grandsons at Christmas, has finally given me the jolt I needed to get down to writing again. I’ve been busy with my next publication, a pirate story, working on a ‘Woo’ project and……..getting a story ready for submission in a Scottish Association of Writers competition……..ALL AT THE SAME TIME and I’ve been ‘peerie-heided’.

The story was most challenging and I addressed this by writing NOTHING! As the deadline approached I settled into it just after New Year and was down to the very last section last week. On Saturday I knuckled down and was really happy with the result. What happened next…I selected the ‘no’ option to save when closing down…and lost all the day’s work!   With no recovery option accessible, somehow, there was nothing to do but start again. Lesson learned….I made sure I have AutoSave every 1 minute now!

Now that the backlog is clearing I look at my mug and reflect….and begin to realise I should be writing! Watch this space!



cropped-dsc01265-e1490555291465Well, it’s been a good year with books selling well and lots of school visits. Pressure is on now to get entries ready for the Scottish Association of Writers competitions which are due for submission in early January.

There are lots of exciting things to look forward to in the coming year.

Pirates Rule, my next book, is due out in early Spring so fingers crossed for that one.

In January I’m getting involved with making lesson plans for The Woo which will become a teaching resource so that’s very exciting….’you can take the teacher out the classroom………’

January will also be my first school visit in Lanarkshire so  another adventure to look forward to.

I wish all readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!