Well, we’re gradually coming out of lockdown and what a relief! It’s been a dreadful year for book sales and I have so missed the school visits. Virtual visits were a blessing and enjoyed but there’s nothing quite like the ‘hands on’ interaction with the children!

I have been busy though and at present I have 2 books off looking to find publishers for acceptance, it’s an unsettling time.

The first book is my children’s novel, Halloween Quest. This was completed in lockdown and I really hope someone takes it up as the story has many important messages told within a fantastical adventure. It’s geared to middle grade children and I will really enjoy school visits with this one!

The other book, Ten Little Hedgehogs, is for Early Years and combines features of Autumn, Science and Number. once a teacher, always a teacher.

There is also another exciting book in progress. ‘Elbo’ is a Christmas story about one of Santa’s elves and is being beautifully illustrated by a talented young artist, Gemma Jones, who I’m sure will go far. More about that nearer publication date.

In the meantime I think I might concentrate on my poetry and give another brain department a shoogle.

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