imageI have decided on this glorious Autumn day that I should forego the pleasures for writing and chill. I climbed over the back wall and gathered brambles(blackberries) and apples growing wild. Every time I gather brambles I think of my grandpa who took me brambling when I was wee. Happy days!
I think I was due a break from writing(and here I am at it again!) as I’ve been working on the next Tartan Witch book, my children’s novel and getting my Tax return organised. All in all it’s been pretty busy. Tax is sorted though so that’s a great relief. I’m back to NYC in December and this morning I had the cheek to ask the Public Library, NYC if I might be able to do a reading whilst there….if you don’t ask!!! Watch this space. I’m really excited about the latest witch story…I suppose I’m pretty excited about the novel too, heyho.
My brain is working overtime telling me of great ideas, it just has to remind the memory part to remember them all because sometimes I just can’t keep up with it!😂 I’m just off to jot down a few ideas…just in case.

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