As an extension to World Book Day, Tartan Witch visited the pupils and staff at Willowbank School, Kilmarnock. There were 3 sessions, infant classes, middle school and transition classes. The children sat patiently and listened to the story and showed their appreciation after the readings. I had prepared 4 follow up activities, there was a matching pairs game, book characters, design your own tartan and make a magic potion. All the activities were participated in with much enthusiasm but I reckon the ‘magic potion’ one took the biscuit. It was such a delight to see the thrills on the faces when the magic potion erupted and foamed over the rim of the glass. The children loved this.
I shall look forward to see receiving some photos of the wonderful tartans created which I hope to display here.
Thank you Willowbank for inviting Tartan Witch (and me!) to your inspiring school.

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