Sitting here in rural France in the early morning sunshine listening to birds twittering and the distant sound of grass being mown it’s difficult to not be inspired, to write. I intended to write in an organised fashion this year but this hasn’t actually transpired. There’s inspiration all around. Maybe that’s what’s wrong? Perhaps my brain has been overwhelmed…as if!

I have written a little so I don’t feel a total disgrace. Perhaps I should start considering this a time of reflection and regeneration (brain cells!) and that when I return to reality all the writing I intended to produce on holiday will come flowing out and on to paper!

Holiday is not a time for discipline, that’s my mantra for today. If any seeds of literary gems trickle into mind I’ll catch them and note them, if not, I’ll just chill and wait for them. A bientot!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. You ARE an inspiration. I wish I were sitting in France with you. I am sitting in my little camper but it is in Pennsylvania! Enjoy your holiday!


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