Well, I’ve just finished my stint as volunteer at the festival, held in the wonderful Dumfries House estate, and what a time I’ve had!

On Friday it was Schools Day and I accompanied one of the local primary schools. We were enthralled to hear Jason Lewis talk about his human-powered circumnavigation of the globe, what an inspiring young man. Determination is his secret and I’m sure the young people who heard him will never forget him.

A ‘James Boswell’ character then told the children snippets from his life in the house’s beautiful Tapestry Room after which we had a mini tour of the house.

On Saturday I was assisting at the Children’s Festival where there was a selection of authors reading and interacting, wild critters to be seen and held, seed bombing and mask making.

I was fortunate to experience Nick Sharrat’s event. What stamina this author/illustrator has. He showed the children how he illustrated his books as he told his stories. Some children were selected to assist him and at one point there was the strangest looking sextet of Vikings on the stage with him……instead of horns on their helmets they had a selection of food…..bananas, carrots, croissants etc! It was all great fun and I’m sure the parents enjoyed Nick as much as the children.

I thoroughly enjoyed my volunteering at this prestigious event.

We are so fortunate to have such an event on our doorstep.

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